Ready, set….DRAW!


Beside the road between Charlotte and Tlell on Haida Gwaii is a statue carved by Ted Bellis. Roughly hewn by chainsaw from a cedar log into the form of Mary-she marks a small spring called St. Mary’s Spring. The spring is famous on the Misty Islands, and it is said that if you drink from St. Mary’s; then you will always return to Haida Gwaii. Each time I go home I am sure to risk beaver fever and take a great big drink.

The truth is that I am ALWAYS homesick, and even though I left when I was a teen to attend school, and later-university….I am still missing Haida Gwaii. I wonder if there will be a time for me to return and contribute to the Island community again.

Mary of the spring is a symbol of home for me, and it’s a place of comfort in my mind. Small drawing projects are a great way to step outside of my mind for a little while, and focus my attention on something that brings me pleasure. I’ll never forget my grade 6/7 teacher Fiona Lawson. Mrs. Lawson allowed us to use real art supplies, and taught us about drawing techniques. She literally changed my world by honouring us as students to create real pieces using authentic supplies-instead of liquid tempera, and the round palates of solid watercolour pigments that are so common in elementary schools.

Sometimes when I am “adulting” and concentrating on other things-I forget the joy of creativity of drawing. This term I found it important to carve out slivers of time for small art projects. I think that this will be very important as I move forward with the next three terms of the PDPP and beyond. I am noticing that I feel a lot better, and less anxious, when I make time to create. This term, and in particular EDCI 336, has been a blessing because I have an excuse to create. That is to say I know that I have done a lot more in terms of small art projects because of my passion project. What I need to do-is make sure I am doing something creative frequently when that is not the case.

Self care is not selfish! It is a necessity to a balanced lifestyle and the ability to self-regulate.

In my particular case; pen and ink drawing is a quick way to engage a calmer state of mind.



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