Rest stops on the journey….


Looking over all of the activities for self care and stress management that I engaged in, I am really excited to see that these little activities add up. I realize that for me, self care is very diverse and it happens in many forms. Some forms are daily, like playing guitar, and some are more discrete like A Gather Victoria event. What I particularly enjoyed is the way that I can combine activities. I can spend time outside, look for birds, and do some wild food foraging. I can reflect on these activities, and take pictures, or do a small drawing to commemorate my self care time.

Like a lot of people, I have stress in my life and I’m juggling a lot of factors. What I know is that this probably won’t change; teaching is a demanding job personally and professionally. I feel like I need to make time for small creative endeavours to keep centred and ‘calm the seas’.

In order to show my learning I decided to continue with the blogging format and try to incorporate my own photos as a way of documenting my activities. I’m proud to see how much I did do. The blog ends up reading like a list of possible activities for self care in the future. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and each activity has room for expansion and more in terms of creation.

I think that I need to be honest, and think about what I could do differently to show my learning, and how I could improve. In terms of the guitar, I know that something other than a blog would be more beneficial to show my progress. SoundCloud or Garage Band would have been a good way to show progress in that medium as it would be an aural representation of the sounds I create. Because this was about de-stressing and my own private self-regulation I decided to take that out of the equation.

In addition, I could have made the blog a lot more interesting if I had been more diligent about taking photographs at different stages of crafting art work. It would have been more informative and interesting for a reader. I think folks could also appreciate the process of making some of these items and how much work goes into their completion.  I am not very good at stopping and taking pictures of processes…especially when I am involved in them.

At this point I can see that I relied heavily on photo documentation, and could have improved my technique. I realize that a lot of this was exploring the new curriculum and assessment methods. If I were guiding students through the process; I would be sure to encourage them to better record the steps, and be aware of the process. As a teacher I also hope to be present and helping students to record their learning journeys.

For me this was about relaxing and managing stress. I was able to do this be getting outside and fully immersing in activities by not thinking about all of the responsibility and chatter that goes on in my own head.

In the end, I’m really happy to have a record of healthy ways to make time for the things I love so I can look back on this as a reminder to DO the things that bring me joy. It is the doing of these pleasurable things that will help me to suceed and stay well rounded and regulated.

Peace and calm everybody!


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