Sandcut Beach


On October 11th I got the chance to get out of town for a drive. One of the things I like to do best is to spend time outside.

Years ago I discovered Sandcut Beach before the little lot was labeled and marked. One of my favourite places to go, Sandcut is wonderful because it absorbs numbers of people well and it can be quite quiet compred to Sombrio and French beach.

I had the good fortune of queitly walking along the beach as the tide was receeding. A bright orange showing of colour caught my eye on a wet rock. Nestled in drab grey barnacles was firey orange gastropod (sea snail) of some sort. I was really pleased to find this fellow, and have never seen one as brilliant orange. This treasure was a real joy to hold in my hand and photograph.

When I got home I did some searching online, and came across a great website called e-fauna BC there is also one for the plants of BC called e-flora BC . These are great sites for compliling pictures and descriptions of BC plant and animal species. Upon searching, I think this little gastropod is called Nucella canaliculata, or the Channeled Dog Winkle. How is that for a name? I could be wrong, but I sure enjoyed searching for the information.

Being outside in nature alone gives me a sense of peace and calm. I would love to do this weekly, and hope to-especially during times when the weekend workload is a bit lighter.


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