Taking care….


I’m realizing very quickly that being a full time student once again is challenging. I’m taking six courses and learning so much about being a pre-service teacher-it is making me dizzy. The truth is that while I have a degree in Anthropology, and have participated in other learning adventures as an adult-this is different. I have been a professional in a few fields. I have had responsibility, but developing the skills of a teacher is making me reframe how I think about myself as a person. I am changing how I learn and approach my academic and professional practice. I spend a lot of time on my course work, tutoring, commitments to my family and then there are the stressors of the student lifestyle. Students deal with a lot of stress due to class commitments and financial pressures.

I love the adventure; but I am feeling the need to care for myself. Teachers have a lot of responsibilities. Teachers are responsible for taking care of themselves; they have responsibilities to their school community, to students, and to the parents of students. I think that it is important for me to explore ways to relax, and be creative while on my journey to be a pre-service teacher. I know these skills will stand me in good stead as a well of resources to draw on as I take on more responsibility.

So feel free to join me as I explore some ways to relax, and make time for positive activities that fill up my reservoir of energy.


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