Keen on Quinoa


I’m alone again, and don’t have a “Haus Frau” to help with food prep while I study. I was always so thankful that there was somebody else to cook and help out, but I’m trying to consciously look at the necessity of cooking as an opportunity to be creative and enjoy just ‘being present’. I can now take the time to find thrifty meals that taste good, and keep things fresh and exciting. My partner wasn’t so much a fan of things like quinoa, or squashes.

Imagine my delight when I found neat recipes for fall squashes combined with quinoa! I was browsing the intervebs for neat apps for recipes, and I came across an app called All The Cooks. In the end I didn’t follow the recipe perfectly. I improvised as I often do. I was really happy with my result.

I halved and roasted an acorn squash. While doing this I cooked the quinoa. I mixed the cooked quinoa in a sauté pan with onion, green pepper, fresh ginger, parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne. I scooped the quinoa mixture into the squash and served it with some spinach and cut spoke on the side. It was Delish! I ended up experimenting again and loving the seasonal taste. I even branched out into an apple quinoa salad that traveled well to classes.

Im not gonna lie,food prep did suffer a bit when the assignments were piling up, and some nights it was a bowl of popcorn for dinner, but I loved taking the time to cook and find new recipes just for me.


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